Central Nebraska Humane Society fires manager and veterinarian

    Central Nebraska Humane Society fires manager and employees, hostile environment (NTV News)

    Central Nebraska Humane Society manager Rose Ausmus and veterinarian Brad Adrian were fired Friday after a morning meeting.

    Later a dedicated volunteer of four years was asked to not return as well.

    According to Ausmus, the start of chaos began with the Capacity to Care policy, a policy the board of the Central Nebraska Human Society wanted to relay to staff earlier last month when another employee was fired.

    Ausmus says the CNHS board had a poor method of communication for the new policy, saying that the Capacity to Care could increase euthanasia and it has held her accountable for the reaction of the staff members.

    "The last two weeks at CNHS have been quite hostile. Everyone's been in fear of their jobs to the point that they're sick. The information that was put out to the staff members were that I left. That's not accurate at all. We were terminated," said Ausmus.

    Grand Island Police confirmed a theft report was filed late Thursday night against Adrian, but Ausmus said Adrian took the controlled substances to get them out of reach of a new employee who had been asking for the keys to the drugs, which she says is illegal.

    15 to 20 people gathered outside of the Yancey apartments to support Ausmus.

    "Jill Hornady does not believe in a no-kill shelter by any means. I believe the executive committee needs to go," Ausmus said.

    "There's no more focus on rescuing animals, saving animals and doing whats best for the dogs. It's become a personal grudge where they're going after everyone who disagrees with the policies going into place."

    Many staff and community members upset. There is a petition with over 4,000 signatures to have the board of CNHS removed.

    The CNHS has not yet commented about the issue.

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