Christmas comes to downtown Grand Island

Grand Island lights up its Christmas tree at City Hall, Friday (NTV).

The first day of December means Christmas is just weeks away and the city of Grand Island welcomed the holiday season the right way with their annual downtown Christmas lighting ceremony.

The celebration at City Hall had everyone decking the halls with boughs of holly, encouraging people to support Railside.

"I think a few years ago people would've laughed at the idea of supporting projects downtown, well now we are working with city hall and it's not just on Railside Christmas," Chris Rosacker, of the Railside Business Improvement District said.

After the lighting ceremony people went downtown to participate in Christmas, decorating and even watching mini demonstrations by local Railside businesses.

Rosacker said he wants people to enjoy the holidays on Railside.

"What I hope they do is that they just have a good time down here. I hope that they spend some money at some of our restaurants. I hope that they stop in at a retailer and see that we have some great shops down here," he said.

He said that's the way to keep people coming downtown.

"The city grew from Railside. The land was seeded from the railroads to this area to foster the development of this town. So, this is our heart. This is our center. This is our history and if we don't preserve these buildings and keep the business district thriving with businesses that are successful we could lose all the assets," Rosacker said.

And you better watch out, because Santa Claus came to town for the event as well.

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