City of Hastings looking to become more sustainable

    City of Hastings looking to become more sustainable

    One of the tri-cities is looking to become more sustainable.

    This as it's hoping to lower their amount of fossil fuels with clean, renewable energy.

    The city of Hastings says they're ready for the next step, and this would be a way to protect the community and make it more resilient for the future.

    "I think it will make us more competitive when it comes to economic development and I think it's obviously a cleaner way to go when it comes to cleaner energy for the community," said City of Hastings Mayor, Corey Stutte.

    Hastings leaders say they're on their way to becoming more sustainable.

    "We're currently looking into some areas that would be beneficial for wind or solar. Obviously being here in the middle of Nebraska we have the option to use either," said Derek Zeisler with the City of Hastings Utilities.

    He said we can dramatically reduce our carbon footprint by purchasing and generating from clean, renewable sources.

    "I think we have a responsibility to become good stewards of the environment," Zeisler said.

    Zeisler said renewables are something many folks aren't informed too much about, but can be beneficial long term.

    "What renewable energy is allowing us to do now is that the price point may not be there yet to what we currently have, but it’s getting close. The cost of renewable energy isn't a lot, it's free, it's solar, it's wind. By locking into a price now, we can lock into a price point we should be able to keep for 10, 20, 30 years as long as that asset can last," Zeisler said.

    And he said it can also be very beneficial from an economic standpoint.

    "Wind and solar anytime there implemented, there's a lot of construction that goes a long with those. So there's a short term benefit for the amount of jobs that are produces. And once the plants are place, there will be people needed to maintain those as well," Zeisler said.

    Hastings Utilities said they're urging residents to complete a survey in order to gain valuable insight on the wants and needs of the customer. They said they’re looking to collect surveys until the end of the holiday season.

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