City of Kearney warns of flood risk from clogged storm drains

City of Kearney warns of flood risk from clogged storm drains. (NTV News)

As autumn gets into full swing, Kearney residents are being asked to keep leaves and grass clippings out of storm drains.

In a press release from the City of Kearney, representatives explain that leaves and grass may be small, but they add up. Leaves blown into the street during yard maintenance don’t just disappear; they end up in the nearest river or plugging local storm sewer systems. When it rains, anything in the street washes into storm drains that lead to area creeks and rivers. Debris can cause odors or cause drainage problems that lead to flooding.

What should be done with the leaves?

  • Rake or blow leaves into a compost pile, where they can decompose without odor.
  • Collect leaves and put in the brown compost containers the City picks up weekly.

City workers also want to remind residents to pass the information along to any maintenance workers that may be working on your lawn.

To learn more, call 308-233-3273 or visit the City of Kearney website.

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