Cleaning service makes cancer patients' homes sparkle for free

Mr. Sparkles Cleaning Services is cleaning homes for free, for those going through cancer treatment (NTV).

This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and a local cleaning business is doing something special to help all of those affected by the disease.

Mr. Sparkles Cleaning Service in Hastings is offering free house cleaning to cancer patients going through treatment.

Last year, owners Wayne Perez and Gustavo Magallamas were asked to join the 'cleaning for a reason' campaign where cleaning businesses clean homes for those who have a hard time doing so themselves.

Wayne said by cleaning their homes, it is one less thing the patients have to worry about once they get home from a treatment.

"My grandmother had colon cancer. We watched her suffer for a quite a while and during that time their lives are just kind of a jumbled mess,” he said. “What’s important is for us is to go and help them out in any way they can. And for us, the way we can do that is by cleaning their home," Perez said.

His partner, Gustavo, said this is a learning opportunity for their workers as well.

"Just knowing the pride that they take in the daily basis of cleaning by coming with the satisfaction and the faces and the gratitude to be able to help others. Especially with's priceless for them," Magallamas said.

Mr. Sparkles will provide this service one time a month for four months. This is a year-round service. Click here to apply for this service.

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