Colorado man re-gains sight by doctor in McCook

Colorado man re-gains sight by doctor in McCook

A Colorado man who is legally blind re-gains his sight, all thanks to a doctor here in our state.

"There is hope after vision loss," said Doctor Robert Stamm of Lifetime Eye Care in McCook.

A pair of glasses changes a man's life for the better by restoring his vision and allowing him to ski and mountain bike again.

"He's one who didn't succumb to the disease and live a small life," Stamm said.

Five years ago, Derek Dickey from Grand Junction, Colorado thought he had no hope of seeing again.

When he was a child, Dickey was diagnosed with cone rod dystrophysay.

A genetic disease he inherited by both of his parents.

"Both my mom and dad are carriers of the gene," Dickey said.

The best Dickey can see is the big "E" in the eye chart.

"His condition is a little rarer. It's only about 30 thousand people in the United States that have cone rode dystrophysay," Stamm said.

After being told by many doctors there was nothing he could do, Dickey found a doctor here in McCook who was able to help.

"I was thinking there's got to be other glasses or other devices out there. I googled tele-scopic glasses and doctors who can make them,” Stamm said.

In 2014, Dr. Stamm began working with Dickey to get him telescopic glasses which magnifies his vision.

"This allows me to see at a distance," Dickey said.

This made an impact and changed his own life for the better.

"I mountain bike, I'm a downhill skier, and also a ski instructor,” Dickey said.

Dickey now does what he loves.

Dr. Stamm wishes patients everywhere else could see the same hope.

"I think it's just the matter of taking the time and care for that individual that happens to have vision loss and at least saying go to talk to this person or go Google like Dereck did Telescopic glasses,” said Stamm.

Dickey is a ski instructor who’s constantly reminding his students they can do anything too.

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