Community helps family affected by flood keep their home

Community helps family affected by flood keep their home (NTV News)

Turning a disaster into a treasured home, one Overton family is finishing up the remodel of their home that was nearly destroyed last summer after a devastating flood. They say they have the community to thank for it.

The entirety of the home including the kitchen, living room and bedrooms were under water, ruining furniture and carpet, destroying family photographs, and causing an untenable living situation for Kent and Cathy Young.

The Youngs considered abandoning the home, but an outpouring of support from friends, family, and the communities of Overton, Lexington and Elm Creek helped them decide to rebuild the home rather than demolish it.

"With family and friends we started rebuilding and we have done about everything ourselves. They had a fundraiser for us in Overton and friends and neighbors we had a spaghetti feed which raised a nice amount of money which helped us with the rebuild. Then we had a GoFundMe page that my niece in Kansas City started and raised some funds so it helped us a lot," said Kent Young.

Looking back on the disaster, Kent said the rebuild was a lot of tough work, he and his wife had to live in a trailer beside the home for almost three months after the flood.

But he says the little things that were saved, like a painting of him competing in a rodeo from the 1970s helped keep his spirits high.

"A long time ago back in the '70s a guy had painted this picture of me in Burwell. I had just received it from him and i took it to show some people. I brought it home and was headed to a rodeo at Gothenburg on the 2nd of July and I hung it back up on the wall otherwise it would have been on the floor too and i would have lost it," said Young.

Now that his home is finally back together Kent, said he looks back on the experience and is humbled by just how much support he and his wife saw from their neighbors.

"Well it humbles you, it made us feel really good that people would do what they did and offer their help. Offer some money and they are very kind to us. Makes you proud to live in a small community like Overton, the Lexington area the Elm Creek area, we got a lot of good friends," said Young.

The remodel of the Young's home isn't done quite yet, it still has some trim to be put up and wiring done on the inside before it's 100 percent complete.

They were thankful to be able to host Christmas in the home and they have the community to thank for that.

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