Community welcomes Hall County veterans home from Hero Flight

Community welcomes Hall County veterans home from Hero Flight (NTV News)

Around 80 Vietnam veterans and their escorts landed back in Hall County on Thursday after going on a Hero Flight to Washington, D.C.

Hundreds of community members, veterans and family members gathered at the Central Nebraska Regional Airport to welcome them home.

The Hall County Hero Flight program was launched in may 2011 to honor Hall County veterans.

One veteran, who was on the flight, said his favorite part of the trip was the Vietnam memorial.

"The part where they laid the flag or laid the wreath and changed guards," said veteran Danny Ewoldt. "It was very emotional and dead quiet. Everybody had a great time."

"There's somewhat bitterness with a lot of the Vietnam veterans and I think this is kind of a closure for a lot of the folks that go back and see the monument and come home," said Marlan Ferguson, Grand Island City Administrator. "I think our spouses also learn a lot more about us during the process so we are just thanking them for their service. They are not forgotten."

The Hero Flight's D.C. tour allows the veterans to find healing and closure to their military experience in Vietnam.

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