Congressional candidate speaks with voters during town hall

Congressional candidate speaks with voters during town hall. (NTV News)

The winner of the 3rd District Congressional Republican primary will go head-to-head with democratic nominee Paul Theobald. The farmer and educator had a chance to meet with voters at the Kearney Public Library Wednesday afternoon.

Currently, Theobald and his wife raise pigs on a farm in Pierce County. The congressional candidate told voters he has spent his career researching rural communities across the nation and helping defend them.

Wednesday, Theobald said one of the cornerstones of his campaign will be rebuilding shrinking rural communities. The candidate said voters don't want to see "Main Street" full of vacant store fronts.

"I've been a rural person and a rural advocate all of my life. 40 years working on improving circumstances for rural people and I'm just taking that to a different stage now, because nobody else is stepping up to do it. Everybody else seems to be content to say 'let's let these little businesses die, let's let these businesses and kids leave the state', I'm not willing to do that," Theobald said.

Another cornerstone of Theobald’s campaign is separating corporations from government.

He believes big companies have too much power and influence in policy making, and wants to see that end.

For more information on Theobald's run for congress, click here.

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