Convenience stores get "Premier" face lift


A locally-owned convenience store "premieres" its new name.

People know the Ampride gas stations, but they may not realize the Hastings locations are locally owned by Nebraska farmers.

Cooperative Producers Inc. (CPI) is putting the co-op name on the sign, along with a new store name, the "Premier Stop."

Operations Manager Bob Matthies said, "We wanted people to understand that they can come here, they can get premier service and premier products, they can get premier fuel, so we're their premier stop. It kind of made sense to go with Premier Stop to get everybody to understand what we're all about."

CPI will be rolling out the new branding to all their fuel locations in the future, starting with the Ampride North on North Burlington in Hastings.

The decision to transition to CPI Premier Stop was primarily due to ownership of the Ampride name.

“Ampride is not a name CPI owns,” said Matthies." Amprides pop up all over Nebraska and beyond, and we realized we needed something to set our convenience stores apart from the pack and something that was our own.”

CPI Premier Stops will still carry Cenex fuel. For more information, visit CPI’s Facebook ( or

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