Council OK with liquor license for ax-throwing venue

Photo credit: MGN Online

The Omaha City Council has recommended that a liquor license be granted to a downtown venue where people will hurl axes at wooden targets.

The Omaha World-Herald reports that Flying Timber wants to capitalize on a growing national sport: competitive ax throwing. The council voted 7-0 Tuesday to recommend to state regulators that the business be granted a license.

At Flying Timber, short-handled axes will be tossed at targets about 15 feet away (5 meters). Groups of up to six people will compete in each of eight throwing lanes. The cost: $20 a person for an hour.

Flying Timber owner Matt Wyant told the council that staff "throwing coaches" will monitor the lanes and keep intoxicated people away from the sharp objects. He also agreed to a condition: no holding of beer cans while throwing.

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