Cozad library celebrates Mars InSight landing

Cozad library celebrates Mars InSight landing. (NTV News)

Organizers at Cozad's Wilson Public Library gave kids a chance to celebrate the Mars landing in their own special way. They hosted a 'post InSight landing' program on Monday, full of hands-on experiments and learning more about the red planet itself.

Wilson Public Library participates in "NASA @ your library" which is a grant funded program designed to extend learning about STEM projects.

"We celebrated about four o-clock with the kids. We talked about the surface of Mars, some facts about Mars, they got to play with soil sample similar to the Mars soil, it's hydrophobic so it repels water. They thought that was pretty cool, they thought that was really cool," said Wilson Public Library director Laurie Yocom.

The library will continue to offer more programs like this, especially next year during the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.


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