CVS pushes transparency with airbrushed, retouched ads

CVS pushes transparency with airbrushed, retouched ads (NTV News)

CVS is reaching new levels as they change their standards for beauty products in their stores across the U.S.

The company announced it will introduce the "CVS Beauty Mark" used to highlight images on products that have not been materially altered.

These materially altered images include changes or enhancements to a person's shape, size, proportion or any other physical traits like skin, eye color and wrinkles.

"Things are enhanced, things are taken away," said Katie Stone of Tangles Salon and Spa. "It's just frustrating to be in the beauty industry and have to compete with those pictures."

With the initiative, CVS is working with partners in the industry to set guidelines showing true and natural beauty.

"I do think for the younger generation coming up and I mean I think we all struggle," Stone said. "We see those natural beautiful ads and you can't help but compare yourself."

In 2011, the American Medical Association came out with new guidelines for body imagery.

"It's just been in the last year where we've heard this growing course of women wanting to have a conversation about body imagery," said Helena Foulkes, CVS Health's executive vice-president.

Foulkes said they wanted to be a part of that change.

"I think it's an amazing thing to see the empowerment of women and the fact that we all want to be reflected in a true fashion. We want to look at photographs that feel real and authentic," Foulkes said.

"I would love to see them not touch up the photos as much and just really let you see the true beauty in those people," Stone said.

Foulkes said they're attempting to help re-define the beauty industry's current standards.

"In listening to women and our customers we felt that the moment was really right, right now where we could have a real impact and do something that is a force for good, for women and for healthcare in general," Foulkes said.

The CVS beauty mark will start to appear on CVS pharmacy produced imagery in 2018 with goals of all images in the beauty sections at CVS reflecting transparency in 2020.

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