Danger Football supports humane society with autographs, merchandise

    Danger player sign autographs to raise money for CNHS (NTV).

    The Central Nebraska Humane Society said last year 1,500 animals were adopted, but still almost 1,000 more were without a forever home.

    Saturday, the Nebraska Danger Football team joined the organization to change that.

    "Each of the animal that don't get a chance to find a home sometimes get put down or they're out there homeless," Myke Tavarres, danger Line-backer said.

    Last year roughly 3,000 of those animals made it to the Central Nebraska Humane Society.

    The Danger players signed autographs and merchandise to help out.

    "It's always a good thing to interact with the fans, you know? My favorite thing about the game is the fans. There's no sport there's no game of football without the fans. Just to be out here in the community, help out where we can–it's just the little things, you know?” Tavarres said.

    People got to meet the players the adoptable pets.

    "With support from the Danger team as well as our adoptable animals it's a good way for people to get the best of both worlds," Chasity Cross, CNHS Director said.

    The proceeds go back to CNHS.

    For wide receiver Kenzel Doe, he came because he’s a dog lover.

    "Every year since I was little we always had a dog and you know, they say dog is a man's best friend and you know, I love my dogs to death," Doe said.

    He has six pit bulls and said knowing that there are dogs who don't have homes made him want to support the shelter on Saturday.

    Doe hopes people understand some of these dog's had a rough past and just need some love.

    "Dogs are like humans almost. It depends on where you come from, the environment that you in that kind of turns you that way. You know, the majority of dogs out here are not violent or bad dogs it's just the environment that they come from," Doe said.

    Cross said that's why they brought some adoptable animals to the event.

    "It kind of shows younger kids that you don't have to be afraid of animals. Different ways that they can safely greet animals that they may not know. It also kind of helps build that responsibility so when they're old enough to adopt animals or have animals that they're better prepared for the future," Cross said.

    They'll be bringing more animals to the danger game on April 27.

    CNHS tells me this year they've taken in 500 animals already and many of them are still looking for forever homes.

    They will be open Sunday at 1 pm.

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