Dead, diseased cattle found at farm; 3 people arrested

Diane Wempen, Eugene Wempen Jr., and Eugene Wempen Sr., were all arrested in the investigation.

Authorities say three people were arrested after officers found dozens of dead and diseased cattle at a farm near Overton in Dawson County.

At least 65 cattle carcasses were found by deputies acting under a search warrant, and the three were arrested Tuesday, according to the Associated Press. Authorities say the suspects haven't yet been formally charged.

About 75 other cattle, as well as llamas, donkeys, miniature ponies and other animals were moved elsewhere for care.

Officers with the Dawson County Sheriff's Office said other animals displayed outward signs of possible malnutrition and sickness. Officials were working in cooperation with other livestock professionals, are caring for and providing the appropriate nutrition required to sustain the lives of the animals. Investigation is ongoing at this time.

Diane Wempen, Eugene Wempen Sr., and Eugene Wempen Jr., were all arrested in the investigation.

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