Derek Rusher introduced as new president/CEO for Kearney Area Chamber

Derek Rusher introduced as new president/CEO for Kearney Area Chamber (NTV News)

After months without a leader, the Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce introduced its new president and CEO to the community.

Derek Rusher is the man chosen for the job.

According to the chamber, they say he seems to be a perfect fit as an already active member in the Kearney community.

The road to finding a new leader for the Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce was a long and tedious process.

They say it took about six months.

"We found a great candidate in Derek and we are just so excited to bring him on board," said Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce board chair Todd Gottula.

Rusher decided to apply for the position because of his love for Kearney.

"That was an opportunity for me when this position opened up to add value to the Kearney community so that's something I was looking for," said Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce president/CEO Derek Rusher.

With Rusher's skill set, the chamber said he has great ideas as well.

"Expressing some of those ideas and different things with possible events or growing our membership and things like that. Collaborating with different chamber businesses and committees so I definitely have a lot of ideas and I'm super excited to implement them," said Rusher.

He says he's eager to tackle the learning curve.

"I'm definitely excited to meet more leaders in Kearney. There was a lot here this morning that showed their support so definitely excited about that and just networking with them," said Rusher.

"Derek and this board is a group that's really going to lean on the past members and leaders of the community to share ideas and partner on projects. That is the Kearney way. We say that a lot but there is a lot of truth to that and we're really going to embrace that and continue to grow that," said Gottula.

Rusher says the team at the chamber will help make his transition easy.

"We've got a lot of experience and creativity. The staff is ready to get to work as well and ready for some stability and that's something I'm definitely looking forward to," said Rusher.

And he says he's definitely ready to begin to do what the chamber hired him to do.

"I've got a goal to make Kearney the best chamber out there. I think we can add revenue to the city and I think we can just add a lot of neat things. Just to keep improving it," sad Rusher.

The chamber says they're excited to be the front door for the city by looking forward to growing their presence and continuing as the solid, vibrant business community that they are.

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