Write-in Doug Brown elected as Furnas County Sheriff

    Write-in Doug Brown elected as Furnas County Sheriff (NTV News)

    Furnas County officially has a new sheriff in town.

    After the current Sheriff Kurt Kapperman ran for another term, he lost by nearly 150 votes to a write in candidate.

    The write-ins had 1,118 votes and after election board members calculated the winner- 1,099 of those votes went to Doug Brown.

    “I'll be honest with you, it was still a bit of a shock when everything came in, anxious, nerves all night long,” said Sheriff Elect Doug Brown.

    Doug Brown has worked in the Furnas County Sheriff's Office for 14 years. He said he had a disagreement with Sheriff Kapperman and he decided he wanted to run.

    "At the end of this last year, 2017, I had decided I was going to run but my wife fell ill in February and she passed away the first of March which was the same day as filing deadline, so I didn't get the opportunity to file for the primaries so that left us with no option but to run as a write in," Brown said.

    He is doing what he said his wife supported him to do. Brown said he now he plans to use his position to build morale in the agency.

    "I want to right the ship and bring back a certain level of respect and integrity to the agency that used to be there and make it an agency where the deputies and the people that work for the agency are proud to be a part of it," Brown said.

    Brown said some folks called his running a grassroots campaign. He said the biggest issues folks in the community are concerned with are drug use and public safety.

    "They're concerned about how things effect their community, their kids. So it's no different than any place else, you just have to put that effort into it and make it happen. You're never going to stop all of it, but you can't do it if you don't get out there and try," Brown said.

    Brown credits his team of supporters, saying he wouldn't be where he is if it wasn't for all those involved.

    His official term as sheriff will begin in January.

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