Dozens become new U.S. citizens

    Dozens become new U.S. citizens (NTV News)

    Dozens of people were feeling overwhelmed with emotion on Thursday - immigrants from around central Nebraska gathered at the Kearney Archway for a naturalization ceremony.

    37 people from 16 different countries were sworn in as citizens of the United States.

    Inside the Kearney Archway, emotions flooded the room as dozens of people went through the naturalization ceremony.

    One young boy was very proud of his father.

    "I just went to the citizen room where my dad became a citizen," said the son of a man going through the ceremony Brian Orozco Ayala.

    Another man, originally from the Dominican Republic was there to watch his mom become a citizen.

    "I'm very excited for her. It was something that she was nervous about for a long time. Going through the process is not easy but again it's been a long time and I encouraged her to go and take the test. We practiced and she did great and now it's all behind her so she feels victorious," said the son of a woman going through the ceremony Hairol Rosa.

    She said after 30 years of living in the United States, she's proud she can finally do things citizens can do.

    "I feel good now that I'm a citizen because I can vote for a president and exercise my rights as a citizen," said a woman who became a citizen Jacqueline Alvarado.

    "One of the huge benefits is travelling outside of the country back to the Dominican Republic without having to worry about a certain period of time because that was always a hassle. If she wants to stay a year and come back then there is no issue there. That's a big benefit. The fact that she can also now vote. It's also very exciting," said Rosa.

    Many people told NTV News it makes them feel proud to now be a citizen of this great country.

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