Education group calls UNL firing of lecturer unconstitutional

(NTV News)

Controversy is once again being stirred up at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln over the decision to fire a graduate lecturer after video of her yelling at conservative students went viral.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) spoke out by writing a letter to Chancellor Ronnie Green, calling the decision to fire Courtney Lawton unconstitutional.

In the letter FIRE writes, "Punishing a faculty member for public political expression on the basis that it lacks civility is unconstitutional. The first amendment does not permit the government, including public universities, to require its constituents to respond only politely to views they find offensive."

Senator Steve Halloran of Hastings took to Facebook to respond to fire.

"The University of Nebraska exists for the primary purpose of educating students," Halloran said. "It is not a forum for professors to proselytize or to shut down organizations they don't like. Whenever the conduct of faculty nefariously distracts from this most fundamental purpose, corrective action must be taken."

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