Electric charging stations pop-up through central Nebraska

Electric charging stations pop-up through central Nebraska (NTV News)

As you're driving around Kearney, you may notice electric charging stations on the North end and downtown.

Electric cars and hybrids are getting more and more popular according to the City of Kearney.

The City of Kearney even owns a hybrid they use themselves.

It gets an average of 61 miles to the gallon last year.

"We do have public access for the other station that we have to charge so it's pretty rare a day in downtown Kearney either in the alley or the other parking stall that's charging their vehicle. I think we have a combination we have some hybrids charging up there but also some straight electric vehicles as well," said the Kearney assistant city manager Eric Hellriegel.

The assistant city manager says it's not just locals using the charging stations either.

"I think there is some of both. We aren't seeing a ton of just plain electric cars using the interstate but we are seeing more hybrid vehicles on the road. I would say that most of the people in town we see are using hybrid vehicles as well so I think that's starting to grow," said Hellriegel.

The Kearney HyVee also has charging stations but they reported they rarely see them being used by customers.

The City of Kearney has also applied to add three additional charging stations to the hospitality district closer to the interstate as they say they've been seeing a trend of users from I-80.

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