Families still want the Black Friday experience, brick and mortar

Families still want the Black Friday experience, brick and mortar (NTV News)

People withstand long lines with a mission to get the best deals in Central Nebraska.

Black Friday hasn't lost all of its happy customers in brick and mortar stores to online shops.

"Yesterday when we opened, we saw twice as many people than we normally do. It's been much busier than last year," Marianne Johnson, JC Penney Manager said.

There is still excitement for the thrill of Black Friday deals.

Some prep for their shopping experience. "Gotta have a plan," Skyler Penrose, a shopper, said.

"We don't hit the early morning. It's too crowded," Helen Mason, another shopper, said. She came to the mall with her husband and family after their Thanksgiving in their home in Cozad.

Others are not a fan of planning out their shopping.

"It's a free for all. If you can get it, you can grab it, you can buy it," Deb Luth said.

Deb Luth sat at a bench in front of Victoria's Secret after shopping for hours Thursday and Friday- waiting for her daughter for a long time.

"We were out here about 6:30 a.m.," Luth said.

In her family, Black Friday is the best of times.

"Always, Black Friday, love Black Friday. Then you can get into the Christmas spirit. Black Friday. Christmas," Luth said.

Even getting to treat herself to a massive present.

"I got a 55 inch TV. Oh, that's mine. Christmas for myself," Luth said.

Long waits were common Friday, with some waiting twenty minutes to just go into a store.

With a larger crowd, one local airbrush shop that's been open for 14 years is also getting in on the events.

"Right now I'm doing five dollars off of my shirts and hoodies. And I have some art boards that are on sales for $10," Airbrush Mike said.

Starting his business out of passion - he says putting his products online isn't how he likes it.

"I like to be face to face, one on one with people," Airbrush Mike said.

For some, online shopping can be an easy way to shop but many still feel it's the tradition of coming out to enjoy family time.

"It's an experience coming for Black Friday," Mason said.

With Thanksgiving behind us, many folks and stores and pulling out their Christmas trees.

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