Family bikes across the country for wounded veterans

Mcgrath family Bikes across the United States (NTV News)

For the Mcgrath family, taking a simple summer vacation just didn't seem like enough.

Kevin Mcgrath, a school principle from Bakersfield California, felt like the few months off for the summer was a perfect opportunity to do something incredible with his kids.

So Kevin and his three kids Darcy, Kelly, and Tommy decided to tackle the monster task of biking across the United States.

We are doing it because iIwant my kids to see the country, it's a pretty neat way to see the country and also I want them to know that anything they put their minds to they can accomplish

said Kevin Mcgrath

Kevin and the kids aren't just crossing the country for fun, they are also using the ride as an opportunity to raise money for the wounded warrior project.

Kevin's older daughter Kelly Mcgrath said:

Well we have cousins that are in the marines and its just a good cause so why not

With their family members and the Wounded Warrior project giving them motivation, the family has managed to bike around 1500 miles so far, and that's every member of the family. From father Kevin all the way down to 9 year old Darcy.

Every member of the family is biking at least 5 to 10 miles a day.

The family has enjoyed the trip so far – all of them finding something they love along the trip.

sleeping, the rests

said Kelly Mcgrath

Some of the biking you do see a lot of scenery

said Tommy Mcgrath

Darcy said:

Ummmm maybe the downhills
The scenery has been fantastic the people are so friendly just meeting people we even met people at the pool yesterday a doctor who said who said any issues you have my husbands a dentist you can come over to our house take showers, I mean the people are really fantastic

said Kevin.

The family is biking from Cambridge to Alma Wednesday. For the fourth of July they even had a chance to stop in Arapahoe where the town invited them to be a part of their Independence Day parade.

They hope to finish their journey to the east coast before Kevin has to return to school August 8th.

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