Family of man killed in hit and run pleads for answers

Amanda Cordis stands with her aunt Angie Moody, at the site where Amanda's boyfriend Justin Foster was killed in a hit and run. They plead with the driver to come forward (NTV News)

A family searches for answers, after a deadly hit and run.

“You took a father, a son.”

Amanda Cordis pleads for help, trying to reach the one person who knows what happened to her boyfriend.

“I'm asking, please come forward,” she appeals.

Cordis stood outside CHI St. Francis on Wednesday, the same area where her boyfriend died.

Grand Island police say Justin Foster was struck by a car early Monday, and officers say the one person who knows what happened drove away.

“Whoever was driving the car, to please come forward and give us justice,” Amanda said.

Police previously told NTV they had several contacts with Foster in the hours leading up to his death.

His girlfriend says he was “amazing”, but faced challenges.

She said, “Justin struggled for many years with addiction and this is the third time he's been in Grand Island to get help.”

They question why Justin wasn’t arrested, or placed in emergency protective custody.

The Grand Island Police Department says Foster didn’t meet the criteria.

Capt. Jim Duering said, “He wasn't doing anything wrong, in fact he was cordial and complaint and cooperative with us in all our contacts.”

Duering said Foster was not breaking the law, nor did he appear to be in immediate danger, even if he was under the influence. And without those factors, they could not take him into custody.

Duering said, “What we do know is there was no physical or psychological impairment that caused us immediate concerns for his safety.”

Police say Foster’s behavior may have been suspicious, but not criminal. And they consider this no different from any pedestrian fatality.

“I think it's important to note Mr. Foster's the victim in this case and to look at his as anything less than the victim in this case, with the facts we have at this time, would be premature,” Duering said.

Justin’s girlfriend says the 28-year-old loved football and always made people smile.

And she wants the child they share to know how his life was cut short.

Cordis said, “He's got a daughter that's going to be 1-year-old on the 26th of this month and I want her to know, that something was done.”

She was joined by her aunt Angie Moody. Moody said Foster’s past isn’t what’s important. She called on anyone with information to help friends and family find closure.

Moody said, “Somebody hit him and left him to die in the street and didn't call for help, didn't let the authorities know.”

Police say they may release surveillance photos that show cars in the Faidley Street corridor.

The family said they’re planning a memorial this weekend.

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