Fantasy of Trees brings holiday chuckles and decorating ideas

Fantasy of Trees brings holiday chuckles and decorating ideas. (NTV News)

Whether it's a big tree, small tree, short tree or tall tree – Stuhr Museum's Fantasy of Trees is spreading holiday cheer around the city of Grand Island.

"Our community is creative and thoughtful and do a lot of very neat things with these trees because this really is a community exhibit," Mike Bockoven, Stuhr Museum marketing director, said.

With over 60 different organizations and families decorating, there was plenty of variety.

"You can come through here and get a chuckle, get some decorating ideas, learn about an organization – it's weird that it's Christmas trees, but it's deceptive in how deep it is and how much you can learn from groups that come in and put up their trees,” Bockoven said.

From palm trees to a ‘Golden Girls’ themed tree – to a robot tree– the Fantasy of Trees gets people in the holiday mood.

"We have people tell us every year, it's not Christmas 'til we come out to Stuhr," Bockoven said.

For Marissa Drake and Ricky Sanchez, they're expecting a holiday baby.

They heard about this winter wonderland and wanted to take their maternity pictures here, hoping these photos will spread the holiday feelings to their friends and family.

"Post them on Facebook. So all of our friends can see and all of our family. And I don't know, maybe someone else would want to come get an idea take some pictures here–maybe get a little more business here," Sanchez said.

They said their baby girl is due a week before Christmas. They hope one day she'll get to enjoy the Fantasy of Trees at the Stuhr Museum, too.

The exhibit will be up throughout the holiday season. The last day to take the family out there is Jan. 2.

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