Elm Creek student gets global view of agriculture

Farm Youth of the Month (NTV News)

Farming doesn't just run deep in Nebraska - it can be seen as a vital means of living all over the country, and even overseas. Our Farm Youth of the Month is experiencing just that.

Wyatt Hubbard of Elm Creek High School is taking a trip to Taiwan to learn about their agricultural practices. He is a part of a student exchange program with the Nebraska Agricultural Youth Institute. Wyatt is also involved in FFA, Speech, Cross Country and Track, and 4–H, just to name a few. Wyatt hopes to use this new experience in his future.

"I've been really looking into agricultural education, as well as pre–veterinary sciences and agricultural law as well. Those three areas really interest me,” said Hubbard.

Hubbard says his parents have supported him all the way, even when it comes to traveling around the world. But what he is most looking forward to, is a change in the menu.

"I'm most excited to try some different foods, honestly. That's always been something that everyone whose came back has said that was a very interesting part is their food,” said Hubbard.

Hubbard has been part of the Nebraska Agricultural Youth Institute, the longest running program of its kind in the nation. The Nebraska Department of Agriculture puts together a five-day camp on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus, bringing together students with a passion for agriculture, connecting them with industry leaders.

Students who attend NAYI are eligible to apply for the Taiwan trip.

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