Farm Youth of the Month: Wyatt Giger

Farm Youth of the Month: Wyatt Giger (NTV News)

From learning multiplication in class to playing ball on the court, helping out on the farm is just one way young Wyatt Giger spends his time. This farm youth of the month is giving back to his fellow classmates. Wyatt is a fourth grader at Red Cloud Elementary and he's decided to donate his steer to the Beef Boosters program at his school.

"Well we're trying, I’m trying to get it so every day we can have real meat, yeah just having real meat,” said Wyatt.

Wyatt’s dad Adam, told NTV News that the Beef Boosters program allows others to donate home–raised beef for meals at Red Cloud schools.

"It started at the first of the year, and I think they said they were giving the kids beef two days a week at the beginning and now I think they're up to almost 5 and they're hoping by next school year they'll start out three days and be up to 5 days unless they're having chicken,” said Giger.

Wyatt’s decision came as a surprise to his parents, who were originally planning to sell the angus steer after showing it at the state fair.

"Getting a tire fixed the other day at the gas station and we just happened to be talking to another guy that was kind of promoting it and he was asking some other farmers about it. We stood there for probably an hour talking about it. We're getting ready to leave and Wyatt just looks up at him and goes well I think I’ll just donate my 4–H steer when I’m done with him,” said Giger.

Giger said that that was a proud dad moment for him. Wyatt said he puts in work every day to take care of his animals, like his steer named Fred. He said it is important to keep up with them.

"Well if you don't take care of them they really won't turn out like you want them to. At the fair, you want them to look like, you want them really big not really small,” said Wyatt.

Wyatt’s hard work has paid off. Last year, he showed at the fair.

"First year I showed a big red heifer, and a big red steer and I got grand champion,” said Wyatt.

Wyatt hopes to do just as well this year, after he shows his steer and another heifer at the fair. In Wyatt’s free time, he likes to play sports like basketball and baseball. His favorite classes in school are math and gym and he says he loves spending time outside.

"Well in P.E. you get to move around more and in math you get to learn stuff you've never learned,” said Wyatt.

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