Farwell bids final goodbye to generational family business

Farwell bids final goodbye to generational family business. (NTV News)

The community of Farwell bid a last goodbye to one family's longstanding business.

Cars lined the streets of Farwell on Saturday, as dozens gathered for the final sale of Lukasiewicz Furniture and Appliance.

The family business started as a harness shop, which then evolved with the needs of the community, eventually becoming a home furnishings store.

The business was a staple of the community and the only store on Main Street. Village officials and others said the store's closing is a blow to the community, but they're still optimistic about the future.

"It's a crush to the community." said Lukasiewicz family descendant Ron Sack. "This building was kind of the heart and soul of Main Street of Farwell."

"It's bad to see you don't have those businesses around anymore," said Village of Farwell Board Chairman Allen Lewandowski. "And as a small community you just hope somebody will come in and show an interest in opening something up and help out the town that way."

The family business ran for 118 years total, with the furniture shop closing in November 2016.

As auctioneers sell the remainding pieces of the store before the buildings are sold, former store owners and Lukasiewicz family descendants took an emotional look at their family's legacy.

"It's just going to be missed. It's a part of history that we won't see come back ever again." Sack said.

"To me it's a great testament to my family and the perseverance that they did do what they did do," said fourth-generation family member Randy Lukasiewicz. "It's an emotional day for all of us and the gamut of emotions and I think for me it's more the starting gun. The finish is over, it's all forward."

"I know before the sale started I just personally had to walk through each building myself and, yeah, it's not just our business," said Lukasiewicz Furniture and Appliance story Co-owner Amy Scheer. "It was a family business with a lot of tradition so days full of a lot of emotion but just, I mean the, God's shining down on us with sunshine, it's a great day."

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