FBI: Body of missing woman believed to be in rural Clay County

FBI: Body of missing woman believed to be in rural Clay County (NTV News)

The FBI said Tuesday morning that a body, believed to be that of Sydney Loofe, has been found in an open area in rural Clay County.

Loofe, of Lincoln, was reported missing November 16. According to the FBI, a body was located on Monday afternoon.

Authorities said about 40 members of law enforcement are on the scene, which has been closed off to the public by the Nebraska State Patrol and Clay County Sheriff's Office.

Law enforcement officials from the FBI, Nebraska State Patrol and Clay County Sheriff's Office worked together barricading off what was estimated to be 21 square miles.

They walked the land by foot investigating inch-by-inch and looking for evidence.

"In any kind of search we want to make sure that we're going where the arrows are pointing us, especially when there is a digital footprint. We're looking at those types of things to really make sure that we are capturing that entire area because as great as technology is, there are still a lot of things that we are going to be looking at to kind of get into that area to see what is going on," said FBI public affairs officer Huston Pullen.

A helicopter was also on scene to help with the search.

The FBI said there was evidence of foul play. Authorities said an autopsy will reveal more, but a timeline for that autopsy wasn't given.

They said two persons of interest in the disappearance - Aubrey Trail, 51, and Bailey Boswell, 23 - remain persons of interest. They were taken into custody on November 30th.

Law enforcement said they do not believe there is an ongoing risk to the public.

Law enforcement officials encourage anybody with information to contact Clay County Sherriff's Office, Nebraska State Patrol or the FBI.

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