FBI Omaha division speaks on domestic terrorism

FBI Omaha division speaks on domestic terrorism (NTV News)

Two special agents from the FBI Omaha Division made a stop in Kearney on Tuesday to talk about domestic terrorism and other topics.

The FBI said domestic terrorism does in fact happen in central Nebraska.

Although they do everything they can to obtain information to prevent attacks, it 's the "see something, say something" that helps in many cases.

Tuesday's event was the very first for the Kearney Police and Buffalo County Sheriff's Citizen's Police Academy Alumni Association.

Elected officials, alumni of the citizen's police academy and law enforcement members gathered to learn more about law enforcement at the federal level.

Organizers for the seminar said this was important because of recent events around the United States.

"We wanted to have a topic that was timely and unfortunately nationwide, there have been nationwide some recent domestic terrorism attacks. We thought this was appropriate to have. It's not that we're fearful that something is going to happen in central Nebraska but we do still have to be concerned about it," said the alumni association's president Richard McGinnis.

"There seems to be more incidents occurring in this day in age than there have been in the past, and so I just think it's important for people to be educated on it," said Lt. Jason Koetters with the Kearney Police Department.

The FBI says they try to speak with as many people as possible when it comes to leads, but many of them also come from the relationships they have with local law enforcement.

There are around 14,000 special agents with the FBI in the United States, according to an Omaha Division special agent.

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