Festive Fridays: Hastings holiday light display is a labor of love

Festive Fridays in Hastings (KHGI)

With about 100 lit displays, Linda Trausch said her Christmas wonderland is a labor of love that she's been working on for twenty years.

"Each year I try to add several new pieces," said Trausch.

The Trausch family home glows brightly every night of the holiday season with thousands of tiny lights, but each display has to be carefully selected.

"Usually, I try to find something that's made very sturdy," said Trausch. "Inflatables I can not do out here. I've tried and they are, the wind just destroys them and there are some of the real flimsy cute little pieces that I would love to have but they wouldn't survive out here either."

Another hurdle Trausch has over come is the limited power supply.

"I've had to switch from the incandescent lights to LED through the years as I've changed bulbs on different pieces," said Trausch. "Basically, because I have no more, I cant go any further with my power sources. I'm pretty much tapped out and so the LEDs have helped."

Prior to the transition, Trausch blew many fuses.

"I've changed a lot of little light bulbs in my lifetime," she said.

At the end of the day, Trausch said all the effort is worth it.

"It's fun to go in town and as you're different places, people will come up to me and say, 'Are you going to put your display out this year? Oh, we enjoyed it so much last year!' So, it's fun to have that happen," said Trausch.

The Trausch home is four miles south of Adams Central High School at 6105 W. Assumption Road in Hastings. It'll be lit from about 5:30 p.m. until 1 a.m. Visitors should be able to see the lights from about a mile away.

Trausch encourages visitors to check out the west side of her house, where there's more lights, and she said everyone is encouraged to use her driveway to turn around.

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