First business going up at tech park; project hopes to attract big companies to Kearney

A major project for the city of Kearney is off the ground and bringing a new wave of technology jobs with it. (NTV News)

A major project for the city of Kearney is off the ground and bringing a new wave of technology jobs with it.

Construction is now underway at Tech One Crossing. It's a development that's more than 8 years in the making, and could soon be attracting big name technology companies to Kearney.

A software development company born in the Cornhusker State, is the first business moving into the tech park.

"It's a new 22,000 square foot facility to service Xpanxion rural deliver center needs," said Kelly Barnes, describing the new facility being built for Xpanxion. Barnes is the senior vice president of rural centers for Xpanxion, and says moving into Kearney's tech park is an investment in rural Nebraska.

Spread across 200 acres, near the intersection of 56th and Antelope, Tech One Crossing is designed specifically to meet the needs of technology firms.

It's a project that's 8 years in the making. With the first business moving in, the city of Kearney hopes many more will follow.

"Having the first major tenant, and the quality of the development that they're putting in, will go a long way toward attracting some other related developments," said Michael Morgan, city manager for Kearney.

With a commitment to bring 100 new jobs to the area, Xpanxion hopes to persuade more college graduates to stay in Nebraska.

"Our hope is to provide additional opportunities, especially within the field of technology," said Barnes. "So that we don't have that kind of brain drain and people want to stay here, and continue to live and work in a rural community."

Xpanxion also hopes to show other tech companies there's untapped talent and resources in rural communities.

"Hopefully we can draw in other businesses and really create a vibrant tech community out at Tech One park in Kearney, for future technological expansion in the area," said Barnes.

The Economic Development Council of Buffalo County is working to recruit more businesses for the tech park. Xpansion says construction is ahead of schedule and hopes to be in Tech One Crossing by February.

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