Florida man suspected in road-rage shooting in Nebraska

Dash (Nebraska State Patrol)

A Florida man has been arrested, accused of shooting at another vehicle in a road rage incident on Interstate 80 in far western Nebraska.

The Nebraska State Patrol says the incident happened Wednesday night when a minivan came upon a slow-moving car going through a one-lane construction zone.

Police say the driver of the minivan honked and flashed the van's lights in an effort to get the car to speed up.

Investigators say when the construction zone ended and the minivan passed the car, the car's driver fired a single shot from a handgun.

The bullet went through a van window and lodged into the dash. The minivan driver suffered minor injuries after being hit by bullet fragments and glass.

The patrol says Wyoming troopers were able to find the car in that state and arrested Kevin Austin, 47, from Cocoa, Florida, on suspicion of assault and use of a weapon.

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