Former Hastings paraeducator accused of having relationship with student appears in court

Former Hastings High para-educator accused of having relationship with student (NTV News)

According to an affidavit filed in Adams County court, former Hastings High School paraeducator Jeinny Ramos–Sotelo is accused of carrying on a romantic relationship with one of her former students.

Ramos-Sotelo faces charges of enticement by electronic communication device and intentional child abuse.

Hastings police were first contacted about the allegations on Nov. 30 when an un-involved party informed them of frequent communication from Ramos, to a former student, that was possibly romantic or sexual in nature.

After contacting the student and Ramos separately, both admitted their relationship to Hastings police claiming that they were in love with each other.

Both also admitted they were aware of the age difference and chose to continue the relationship anyway.

Ramos initially met the student in her capacity as a English second language paraeducator.

In addition to frequent texting, Ramos and the student also admitted to making out in a car and having conversations about performing oral sex on each other, although both claim that the relationship never became physically intimate.

The affidavit also alleges the student's family was aware of the relationship before police were contacted and even reached out to Hastings High to get their son moved from Ramos' classroom, although the family declined to specify why they wanted their son moved at the time, only citing personal reasons.

In addition to her personal phone, Ramos also admitted to purchasing a second phone to contact the student with, to keep the relationship hidden from her husband.

The affidavit also claims she used other students' electronic devices and hand-written notes to keep in contact with the student.

The next hearing for Ramos is scheduled for Friday, until then she will remain in custody of the Adams County Sheriff's department under a $20,000 bond.

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