Frosty the Snowman becomes Frosty the Safety Snowman

Frosty the Snowman becomes Frosty the Safety Snowman. (NTV News)

From snowman to safety man, Frosty the 'Safety' Snowman is urging drivers to drive safely around Patriot Circle between Adams Central Elementary and Adams Central High School.

The signs were made by the department's Doug Sittner, and crews from the Adams County Road Department installed Frosty, constructed of salvage and donated materials, in the new roundabout a couple weeks before Christmas.

"It just kinda came together nicely without a lot of struggle and it turned out pretty good, just kinda fell in place for us," said Adams County Road Department crew member Dennis Zarek.

"We did this when it was cold outside so the guys were in the shop and really couldn't be out too much so it just gave them something to do, fun, again public outreach and good communication," said Adams County Road Department's Dawn Miller.

Frosty the 'Safety' Snowman will continue to be in the Patriot Drive roundabout until March with different holiday decorations including Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day.

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