Furnas County Fair celebrates passion for painting

Furnas County Fair celebrates passion for painting (NTV News)

The Furnas County Fair is underway, and while many carnival riders and 4-H members make their way out to show off their livestock, some are showing off hobbies of a different kind.

Ella Rea tenBensel has been coming to the Furnas County Fair ever since she was 8 years old.

Now at the age of 86 she's seen the fair grow and change and has had her hand in the event one way or another.

This year, Ella Rea entered in a painting contest at the open class.

"I paint a lot... I have them stacked around the walls. Our house is beginning to look like a gallery," Ella Rea said.

Ella Rea won a first place ribbon with an acrylic painting and a few china glass paintings, but in the past, she used to be a 4-H leader.

For over 40 years, she taught kids skills to bring to fairs just like this.

"Well just about everything," Ella Rea said. "We did a lot of horses, but otherwise, they did their cooking and their canning and whatever they did, you know."

Ella Rea said that's one reason she continues to come out to the fair every year - for the children and to be apart of something she enjoys so much.

The Furnas County Fair ends on Saturday with a demolition derby, a 4-H livestock sale and a few other open class exhibits.

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