Grand Island school officials: lock down shows practice can make perfect


Two school districts are reflecting after going into lock down on Tuesday.

Grand Island Senior High and G.I. Northwest went into lock down after police labeled a conversation between two students a ‘terroristic threat.'

Police said two 16 -year-old girls were joking on social media about shooting up the school, when a third student saw the message and notified school officials at G.I. Northwest.

Northwest was on placed on lock down by 12:45 p.m.

"Once we had perceived a threat existed then we did move all of our students into classrooms and got them behind locked doors," said Matt Fischer, Northwest superintendent.

The Grand Island Police Department was then contacted and arrived on the scene five to six minutes later to interview the student involved in the message.

“The Grand Island Police Department was great. They got here right away," Fischer said.

Police then notified Grand Island Senior High of the threat between the girls and placed both schools on lock down.

"In a lock down situation basically it's lights off, doors locked. Everybody's quiet and out of sight," said Greg Marrow, GISH assistant principal.

Police said they discovered neither of the teens had guns and said they did no plan to follow through with the act.

Both schools were cleared to end their lock down by 1:36 p.m, according to police.

Fischer said this was an eye opening experience.

"We did meet with all the students this morning and just kind of walked through step-by-step of what had happened, and really commended them and the staff on how they handled themselves in the situation," Fischer said.

Marrow said they practice lock down drills throughout the year so that students will be prepared for this type of situation.

"Safety is our number one priority so we take it very seriously. So, we practice and the standard response protocol does provide a very consistent language. It's a great tool to help keep everybody safe at Senior High," Marrow said.

Both girls were referred to the Hall County District Attorney's Office - one for terroristic threats and the other for accessory to commit a felony.

The principal at Northwest High School told NTV News that the student would face repercussions within the school, but they were not exactly sure what those would be at that time.

Grand Island Senior High has no comment on whether or not their student will face in school consequences.

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