Gov. Pete Ricketts sits down with manufacturing employees in Minden

Ricketts came to visit to recognize how manufacturing jobs are the second largest industry for Nebraska. (NTV News)

As part of manufacturing month, Governor Pete Ricketts stopped by Royal Engineered Composites on Monday in Minden.

Ricketts came to visit as a part of the month-long recognition as manufacturing jobs are the second largest industry for Nebraska.

"Well it's manufacturing month here in Nebraska and we're highlighting great companies that create jobs all across our state,” Ricketts said.

While visiting, Ricketts sat down with employees while discussing how manufacturing gives opportunities to the younger generation in the state's largest industries.

"Essentially right out of high school or with that two year degree, that's a great opportunity for our young people to pursue those careers and at a very young age with no debt have great career paths and be able to stay in their hometowns,” Ricketts said.

He said Nebraskans also have to focus on the small town communities.

"One of the things that we want to do is to be able to create jobs all across the state. We have to do that to be a healthy state," Ricketts said. "It can’t just be Lincoln and Omaha and our manufacturers give us the opportunity to create those jobs all across the state."

Royal Engineered Composites said it’s great that younger people can see what we do here in our state.

"So him spending the time getting out meeting the people meeting the companies in the small towns, I think is a great awareness for everyone in the state. It's really great that our kids, our young people can see,” said Royal Engineered Composites President David Arnold.

Arnold urged that it’s important to educate our younger generation on what they can do for their future.

"Just be aware of what's going on in their own backyard and their own environment and take those opportunities to learn about it because there is great companies doing all kinds of interesting things right here in our backyard, even in Minden,” Arnold said.

Ricketts said for Nebraskans, it’s great to highlight all the opportunities so our youth can get more involved.

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