Governor Ricketts backs new speed limit bill

Governor Ricketts backs new speed limit bill (NTV News)

Nebraska’s speed limits might not be fast enough. On Tuesday, Governor Pete Ricketts announced backing a bill that would raise speed limits across the state. While the governor was in McCook, NTV News met up with him on the issue. Ricketts said there are many spots in Nebraska where the speed limits fluctuate.

"The idea is to really be able to streamline those, so for example if we have areas where the speed limit is 60 and then it goes to 65 and back down to 60, we really want to kind of make that more uniform and of course we're going to use good engineering and safety to make those designations,” said Ricketts.

Ricketts said he believes there is a broad-based support from Nebraskan for the speed change.

"One of the things that it will also allow, businesses to move their goods faster, people get to work faster, you know so this is just something that again, makes our state transportation system more effective and more efficient,” said Ricketts.

For those Nebraskans skeptical for safety reason, Governor Ricketts emphasized that the Department of Transportation will use its best engineering when deciding what areas need the limits changed.

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