Governor celebrates "cool vibe" GI company has created to attract young talent

    Gov. Pete Ricketts shares a laugh, as he visits GIX Logistics in Grand Island (NTV News)

    The governor honors a business that could operate anywhere, but chooses to be Railside, in downtown Grand Island.

    GIX Logistics has grown from 12 employees to 68, according to Jim Pirnie.

    Pirnie said the act as the middle man, between small to medium trucking companies, and those with freight to ship.

    The company's leadership has tried to build a fun team atmosphere, to help them recruit young talent, and the governor took note of that.

    “It really has a cool feel to it, a cool vibe. It combines a high tech with the old building, so you have exposed brick alongside the modern things you need to conduct a 24-hour business, so it's a really neat space. They really focus on the family friendly aspect of it. They have dart boards and ping pong tables to make it a fun environment,” said Gov. Pete Ricketts.

    An employee challenged the governor to a game of darts, and found he's pretty good.

    Gov. Ricketts has been touring the state, highlighting Nebraska's top ranking for economic development.

    For the second year in a row, Site Selection Magazine has honored Nebraska with its governor's cup. It’s a measure of which states have had the most economic development projects.

    Ricketts said, “With the investment of companies like GIX Logistics, and other companies across the state helped us win that cup and what they're helping us do is basically create opportunities for people to enjoy the good life, send their kids to school, go on that family vacation, it all comes back to having that great job.”

    Ricketts is also honoring businesses in Holdrege and Fremont among other communities.

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