GRACE Gatsby helps cancer patients battle

The Grand Island Area Cancer Endowment Foundation held a gala to raise money for cancer patients and their expenses (NTV).

You’ve heard of the Great Gatsby, but now one organization is putting their own spin on it and many are braving the cold weather for a good cause.

From Black Jack to Roulette wheels, all the way to shooting craps, the night was filled with everything 1920s.

Everyone gathering for a common cause, to raise money for the GRACE Foundation.

G.R.A.C.E. stands for The Grand Island Area Cancer Endowment. It’s a foundation dedicated to helping people fight cancer with financial assistance.

Whether it helps with gas money to get to and from their treatments or even helping pay for bills.

"We help keep people in their homes. There's time where they fall behind two–three months and their mortgage lender is talking about foreclosure with them. So, we're able to get those payments made up for them. We're also able to keep peoples rent paid," Laurie Kulus, Executive Director of GRACE said.

For Tom Cobbler, whose wife has cancer, the foundation has helped him in more ways than one way.

"It's made her stronger so it takes some of the pressure off of me as we go through the process of discovering what it is and then the trials and the treatment, and the travel expenses, and the stress with trying to inform the kids," he said.

His wife, Carrie, said the strength that GRACE has given her is priceless

"About three years ago I was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer," Carrie Cobler, Cancer Fighter, said.

Carrie has undergone up to 50 rounds of chemo and still has more to go.

"At first it was hard for tom and I to accept the help because we're always the giving kind and that was something that we finally had to say, 'okay.' We need the help and we need the support," she said.

She said she was entered in the Gatsby dance competition and of course, she got her husband in it too.

"He said he'd do it for me if I wanted to do it. This is just one way that I can give back to this foundation," Carrie said.

She said she practiced twice a week and was still making it to practice at least once on the weeks she had chemo.

"To even prove to my girls at home that no matter what you go through you, you can still have fun and live life to the fullest every day," She said.

Carrie said she hopes that by her reaching out for help, others going through a similar battle will do the same.

For ways you can give back to Grace, click here.

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