Grand Island firefighters visit schools to teach fire safety for Fire Prevention Week


Instead of stop, drop and roll, students in Grand Island are learning how to escape a house fire from the Grand Island Fire Department.

Students at Wasmer Elementary School got to escape a fake fire o Monday morning in the fire department's fire safety house.

Firefighters taught students the importance of fire escape plans and fire prevention tips.

"Depends on the kids, the younger kids we show them the trucks and the ambulance and let them get familiar with it. A little bit older we go in with our gear and show them that and then when they get to third grade, they go into the smokehouse and actually practice getting out using the fire exit drill," said Grand Island firefighter Jason Selecman.

The third graders used to the "EDITH" or "exit drill in the house" plan to help escape a smoke-filled house.

"We have fake smoke that comes and we actually practice with them having to get out," said Selecman.

"If you're in your room, feel the door with the back of your hand and if you feel nothing open up the door. If there's smoke, close it up and put a blanket under the bottom of the door," said third grade student Kalub Korbel.

One firefighter said it's crucial for young students to learn about fires.

"The drills in their house, a lot of them never heard of and some of them don't know what smoke detectors are or what they mean," said Selecman.

Korbel said, "Get out. If your'e up high, stick your head out the window and yell for help."

Firefighters also spoke to classes about fire escape plans in case they have a fire in their own home.

"You should have an exit drill for your house. Let your kids know what to do because you never know what's going to happen. That kids telling me 'well we don't have fires at my house', but you never know when you're going to have a fire at your house," said Selecman.

The fire department is hoping these activities will make children more aware of what to do during a fire.

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