Grand Island man accused of stun gun assault arrested

Andrew Egeland (Hall County)

Grand Island Police (GIPD) announced on Wednesday they were searching for two people accused of using a stun gun during an attack.

Police said they have arrested one and been in contact with the other.

They said they received a call about the whereabouts of Andrew Egeland Thursday morning.

When officers arrived, Egeland ran on foot and was eventually caught with a loaded syringe he told police had a liquid solution of meth.

Police arrested him for possession of a controlled substance and obstruction of a police officer.

GIPD told NTV News they had contacted Sarah Waugh and she was released on misdemeanor charges.

Police said they were searching for the two after receiving a call on Wednesday about an assault.

The victim told police they hit him with a stun gun shaped like brass knuckles and then pistol whipped him with a hand gun.

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