Grand Island murder trial nears the end

Ahmed Said stands at the top of the image, but it's unknown what he had in his hand (if anything). Abdulma Khamis stands at the bottom of the screen (NTV News)

Do jurors have enough to convict, or will lingering doubts sway a jury? We will soon find out, as a murder trial nears the end.

Ahmed Said, 24, is on trial for second degree murder in the death of Abdulma Khamis.

On Friday, both the prosecution and defense rested their cases, but not before the jury had one last chance to see important DNA and video evidence.

The defense went frame by frame through surveillance video.

It shows a man that attorneys have stipulated is Ahmed Said.

The video was captured in an alley by the MSAS used car lot.

Said walks towards the bottom of the screen, and is later seen in a fighting position with another man, identified as Abdulma Khamis, the man who later died.

And while the men appear to be ready to fight, any physical altercation happened off screen.

The defense pointed out there are other people the next block over, gathered at Pioneer Park in downtown Grand Island, suggesting one of them could have got involved.

They also suggest it could have been self-defense.

Next, The defense called a DNA analyst from the state crime lab.

Many of the samples she tested were inconclusive.

Notably for the defense, Ahmed Said’s blood was not found on clothing belonging to the victim, Abuldma Khamis. Some samples may have had DNA from other people, but the analyst said it could not be scientifically shown who it belongs to.

What role did Khamis play in the fight? Police say he appeared to be swinging a chain, but they could not find one. They did find earbuds for his phone, implying that may have been what he was fighting with.

By mid-afternoon Friday, both sides had presented their evidence.

The defense opted not to call Ahmed Said to the stand to testify in his own defense.

The judge decided to send jurors home, allowing attorneys to do legal legwork that must be done before the jury can take the case.

In addition to closing arguments, Monday, jurors will also get their final instructions before they deliberate.

The case resumes at 9 a.m. on Monday.

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