Grand Island's new mayor sworn into office

Grand Island new mayor sworn into office (NTV News)

Grand Island is celebrating a new chapter.

The newly elected mayor Roger Steele was sworn into office Tuesday at a city council meeting.

It was a heartfelt goodbye. Now former Mayor Jensen, bringing in the man who did his first invocation to do his last.

And makes sure to give thanks to the community.

"I feel really proud of the last four years. I think that looking back on it, I've really spent the last week doing a lot of reflection and really very gracious about how so many people rallied behind me to make sure that I was set up to succeed. So I feel really good about the last four years and the things we were able to get done," Jensen said.

He got tearful passing on the baton at the council meeting as he made his last remarks as Mayor of Grand Island.

Jensen says he has worked closely with Mayor Steele for a smooth transition and praised his character.

"He is the most prepared people you will ever come across. Always does his homework. Incredibly knowledgeable," Jensen said.

Mayor Roger Steele said he feels fully prepared for the role after working closely with not only the former Mayor but also the City Administrator.

"I've been involved with community service in Grand Island for over three decades. So this is a continuation of something I've always believed in. Grand Island has been good to me and my family. And it is just another opportunity to give back by being mayor," Steele said.

His future plans include development of Veterans Legacy property which he said has great potential for growth.

And the appointment of Brent Clark as Assistant City Administrator who was there the evening.

"We have had excellent leadership with mayor Jensen so quite frankly things in our city are going very well because of him so it's a great opportunity to carry on his good work," Steele said.

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