Grand Island Northwest school board votes to move Lockwood Preschool

Grand Island Northwest school board votes to move Lockwood Preschool (NTV News)

The Grand Island Northwest School board voted Monday night to move Lockwood Preschool into Chapman Public Schools.

This move was made to save the district money.

Superintendent Matt Fisher said that this move could save the district upwards of $45,000.

He said by closing the building, they'll cut expenses like food and bus transportation, and reduce hours for one custodian's position.

"Obviously there's the utilities to operate the building, we'll certainly have some savings there. We also have a custodian that we employ to clean that building and we'll no longer need to have spending hours there at that building cleaning," said superintendent Matt Fisher.

When asked if any other employees could be impacted, Fisher said it was unclear.

"You know, obviously reducing some hours, and how that ends up, you know, as far as all of our people across the district you know, that's, we haven't completely determined that," said Fisher.

By Fall 2018, Fisher said the Lockwood preschoolers will officially be moved to Chapman.

He adds that this might not be the last move the district will make to save money.

"You know, operating multiple sites for our middle school students is probably not the most effective way for us to do that and so we've been doing a good deal of studying on how should we change our operations in terms of our middle school students," Fisher said.

Fisher said they'll be discussing the middle school project in the next coming weeks and hopefully have a plan etched out by the June board meeting.

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