Grand Island police arrest two in identity theft, forgery scheme

    (Hall County Corrections)

    Two people were arrested in Grand Island after a traffic stop revealed an ongoing scheme of identity theft and forgery.

    The Grand Island Police Department said an officer stopped 26-year-old Abdiqafar Mohamud, of South Sioux City, on Webb Road on Friday afternoon. Police said he gave a Washington driver's license as identification, but later admitted it belonged to his brother, Saaed Abdi, and he was using it because his driver's license is suspended.

    Officers then discovered that Mohamud had opened a checking and savings account at Union Bank and Trust in Grand Island. Police said Mohamud used the Washington ID card to open the account and was found to be in possession of several forged checks on account he opened using the false name.

    GIPD also said he had checks written out to his brother from the account belonging to Abdi, which his brother said were stolen from him.

    In another incident, Mohamud was identified in a theft of a debit card from a Union bank and Trust ATM in Grand Island on Oct. 12. Police said Mohamud drove another man to Men's Warehouse, Game Stop, and Walmart in Grand Island and was present during the unauthorized use of the debit card.

    Another man, 21-year-old Yusuf Jama of South Sioux City was arrested after being accused of using a check under the account Mohamud made in his brother's name. Police said the check was signed and given to him by Mohamud and later found to be a fraudulent account.

    Mohamud was arrested on suspicion of criminal impersonation, second-degree forgery, identity theft, unauthorized use of a financial transaction device, theft by unlawful taking and possession of forged instrument.

    Yusuf Jama was arrested on suspicion of second-degree forgery.

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