Grand jury says inmates died of natural causes

Gavel (MGN)

A Lancaster County grand jury has determined that two state prisoners who died in Lincoln succumbed to natural causes.

The Lincoln Journal Star reports that 68-year-year-old Michael Juranek died Nov. 29 of lung cancer. He'd been serving a life sentence for a murder in 2011.

A court report says 54-year-old Donald Krisor died Oct. 10 as a result of complications from an umbilical hernia repair. He'd been serving 30 years for manslaughter.

He'd been taken in September to a Lincoln hospital for surgery and then taken back to the Tecumseh prison's medical facilities. He was returned Oct. 3 to the Lincoln hospital when it was determined he wasn't healing correctly. The report says doctors discovered he had pneumonia and sepsis, and he told doctors as his condition worsened that he didn't wish to be resuscitated. He died Oct. 10.

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