Hail causes severe crop damage

Hail Damage in Alma (NTV News)

Farmers in south central Nebraska are taking stock of crops after storms brought damaging wind and hail to the area.

A significant portion of the fields around Alma and Orleans received large amounts of hail and rain that knocked down crops and flooded fields and roads.

Extension Educator Todd Whitney said:

As you start into kinda the Huntley area, Orleans headed east about 8 miles wide going clear through Wilcox really a rough storm last night. Hail that could've reached the size of baseballs and tennis balls in those areas, really it was a hammering type of storm that rolled through.

While there is never a good time for hail, Extension agents said this was a particularly bad time for the crops to get hit.

Corn and beans luckily will have some time to recover but the wheat damaged by the storm was only about 10 days away from harvest and most likely cannot be recovered.

Travis Woolen, who farms north of Alma, says a good portion of his wheat crop was completely destroyed by the storm, but he is hopeful his corn and beans will be able to recover.

Woolen said:

Certainly the soybeans look really bad, the corn we will have to wait and see it has a chance maybe to recover a little bit more if it doesn't get bound up by the dead leaves and is able to get some new growth going.

While crops might seem permanently damaged the day after a storm, there is a hope of recovery.

Extension agents said that patience is key, it can take 5 to 10 days for some crops to show signs of recovery after a large storm so they recommend waiting to contact your farm agent or insurer until it has had a chance to bounce back.

For even more information from Extension experts on what to do when you experience hail damage please visit the Extension's Hail Know page for more information.

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