Harlan County sees small town bar and church burglarized among others

Harlan County sees small town bar and church burglarized among others (NTV News)

In Harlan county - multiple buildings vandalized and burglarized for petty cash and miscellaneous items.

Earlier this week, a string of burglaries and vandalism causing havoc in Harlan County. Officers suspect the same people are at the root."

"So I got a call at 3:30 in the morning. We come down here and the front door was open," Tonay Coppedge, the Rusty Spur Bar and Grill owners said.

The Rusty Spur Bar and Grill was at the mercy of what the owner says is 4 individuals early Wednesday morning.

Taking cigarettes, lighters, candy. And her apron -

"I'm assuming they thought there was tip money or something," Coppedge said.

They also shattered the two pane glass front door - now fixed- with a spark plug - a piece of which was found at the gas station on the same block.

The gas station was vandalized as well.

"Luckily they didn't get away with a lot more. It could have been a lot worse," Coppedge said.

These-only a couple of burglaries out of many - all over Harlan County this week.

The Stamford Bar and gas station, Orleans library, agricultural center and one Lutheran Church in Oxford - all targets.

Harlan county sheriff - says he believes all were done by the same group.

"You can see where a little bit where they kind of got it open," St. Johns's Lutheran Church pastor Wes Hafner said.

At St. Johns Lutheran Church in Oxford - the burglars crow-barred their way inside Monday night.

"As soon as I walked in the door I knew something wasn't right," Hafner said.

They went through opening all the drawers in multiple rooms, mailboxes, and a deposit box where they may have taken a couple hundred dollars.

"They didn't take anything like computers or projectors. They were snooping for just cash," Hafner said.

The pastor notes an interesting act by the burglars.

"They ate some ice cream out of the freezer," Hafner said in disbelief.

The Harlan County Sheriff's office is continuing to investigate these cases.

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