Harvard mayor steps down due to alleged secret meeting

Harvard Mayor steps down after City Council controversy (NTV).

Harvard is typically a quiet town, but the fact that the city's mayor and councilman stepped down from their position recently is making some noise.

"In small towns there's always talks and there's always rumors," Chad Williamson, current Harvard mayor said.

An alleged rumor is what Mayor Williamson, former council member turned Mayor, said started it all.

"It's a he-said he-said situation and if you don't have any way of backing it up I don't know where you can really stand," Kenneth Reutzel, a Harvard resident, said.

On Wednesday, a special city council meeting was called where Mike Boyd, former mayor, gave the city his resignation letter.

In the letter, Boyd states:

Decisions regarding city personnel were made by members of the council without knowledge of the mayor and other members of the council. I find this to be undemocratic and unproductive to city business and will not be party to it. I wish the remaining members of the city council the best of luck in future endeavors.

The current mayor, Chad Williamson, said that's not the case.

"They are alleging that I was part of that which is completely, 100 percent false and untrue. I know the other council member that resigned had openly talked about resigning weeks prior to any of this alleged meeting," Williamson said.

Mike Lambert, who was council president, stepped down as well and Williamson took that position and was later elected to Harvard mayor.

Reutzel, who is also Boyd’s father-in-law, he said he moved to Harvard because it's a nice and quiet community, but this week it has been anything but quiet.

He's hoping this small town sticks together through this rough patch.

"You got to find something that'll help pull you all back together. Hopefully going forward with new councilmen, different mayor, maybe it will all gel–I don't know," Reutzel said.

Mayor Williamson said he's ready to put this behind him and do the best for the city going forward.

"I would just tell them that they have our 100 percent commitment to move the city forward and you know, we're going to do that to the best of our abilities. Again, I can’t stress it enough. There never was a secret meeting with council members or any of that nonsense," Williamson said.

Mayor Williamson is urging his constituents to come and speak with him for any concerns and said he has an open door policy.

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